Welcome to Wechat Supply Chain, one of connecting all global authenic brands online websites.
With integrating global high-quality authenic goods, Wechat Supply Chain is facing a large customers target in China; provide the most convenient purchasement and distribution service, and help overseas suppliers to explore online retail market.

Wechat Supply Chain is affiliated with VICTORIA TRADING BUSINESS PTY LTD. It is based in Australia, also has branches in USA. What is more, Wechat Supply Chain has overseas warehouses and supply teams in Sydney Australia, New York USA. Only in 2015, the sales of Wechat Supply Chain exceeded 200 million and keeps fast increase in 2016.

Wechat Supply Chain is cooprating with many big brands abroad. We have already had thousands of goods sales online and offline, which includes Mom &Baby, Health & Personal Care, Foods, Beauty, and Fashion Products and so on.All of these mostly satisfy Chinese Customers’ needs.

Our Wechat Supply Chain always uphold professional trading cross border belief, works on building the most influential supply chain in China.

Our Suppliers

Since its eatablishment till the end of 2015, we have already had wide and varied brands from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, German, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong and so on. Because of their admission, we gain stable supply channels and good business rebutation, and can provide Chinese customers with perfect service.

Our Customers

Since its eatablishment till the end of 2015, we have already had millions of fathiful customers such as pregnants, young white-collar, middle-aged and aged people. Wechat Supply Chain is flourishing based on its good operational capabilities, taking very different service experience for different customer groups.

Our Technology

Independent search and development e-commerence
operation ERP System

  • Large database processing
  • Convenient Conenction
  • Automatically Match
    with Suppliers

Professional Storage & Sorting

  • Professional Management
    and Storage Planning
  • Partition Storage
    and Sharing equipment resources
  • Special Charge Person; Professional qualiy Control
  • Periodically
    Count and Check; Timely Track
  • 24 hours
    Minitoring Goods Safety

Our Structure

Contact us

Headquarters -Australia Branch-victoria trading business pty ltd.
Address: 34 Bridge St Rydalmere NSW 2116

Canada Branch -9740856 Canada Inc.
Address: 19 Passmore Ave, Unit 20, Scarborough, Ontario, CanadaM1V 4T4